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4: unwieldy crushes

In playlist on 22 March 10 at 11:07 pm

To balance out last week’s pity party, I decided to get down to business with this week’s butt-rockin’ theme: unwieldy crushes.  Do you know what I’m saying? You know what I’m saying.

An hour of excitable heart-soaring is not quite enough, amiright, but we did the best we could.

To kick off our first set, I made a small detour to honor the recently fallen Alex Chilton (formerly the lead singer of Big Star), who passed from this cold, blue world on St. Patrick’s Day.  Ahh.

  1. The Replacements, “Alex Chilton”
  2. The Flaming Lips, “Buggin'”
  3. MEN, “Off Our Backs”
  4. The Pixies, “Hey”
  5. [Brandy, “Sittin’ Up In My Room” as background music to the talkin’]
  6. Marnie Stern, “Put All Your Eggs In One Basket and Then Watch That Basket!!!!”
  7. Best Coast, “Something In The Way”
  8. Jens Lekman, “A Higher Power”
  9. Dinosaur Jr., “We’re Not Alone”
  10. [Atlas Sound, “Walkabout” for between-set talks]
  11. The Zombies, “Care of Cell 44”
  12. Big Star, “I’m In Love With A Girl”
  13. The Magnetic Fields, “Strange Powers”
  14. [The Books, “Fralité” while introducing the one and only:]
  15. Ponytail, “Beg Waves” (or, What Jen Feels Internally Whenever She Has a Crush On Someone)
  16. Mariah Carey, “Always Be My Baby”

I said hello to the usual suspects, but also to some other friends who tuned in, including Lizzie and Matt! Woohoo! Friendship!

We got started a bit late tonight because the DJ before me went over.  Next time, I will put my foot down and ask nonchalantly if I could maybe just go on at 9pm EST as is my right.  Maybe.

Also, you all should know that the show after mine, hosted by the incomparable Jonah Furman, is cool and if you are by your computer anyway, why not just listen to it, right? You could even look at his Facebook group page, because he puts his playlists there and it would give you a Taste of his selections.

Great! What a day! It was so nice to be with you for a short time!


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