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7: the city that reads

In playlist on 12 April 10 at 9:05 pm

Hello, babies! We spent an hour with Baltimore musicians.  In between ramblin’ about Baltimore facts, famous Balitmoreans, and upcoming Baltimore shows, I played a few tunes:

  1. Ecstatic Sunshine, “Perrier”
  2. Ponytail, “Small Wevs”
  3. Rye Rye feat. M.I.A., “Bang”
  4. The Art Department, “Julia I Can’t Run Anymore”
  5. Dan Deacon, “The Crystal Cat”
  6. Double Dagger, “Pillow Talk”
  7. Bean, “Boneless but Branching”
  8. Lizz King feat. DJ Dog Dick, “K.O.”
  9. Lands & Peoples, “Bad Habits”
  10. Secret Mountains, “Growing Season”
  11. Wye Oak, “Take It In”
  12. Hop Along, “Bride & Groom”
  13. Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez, “Mostly A Friend”

CLICK ON EVERY LINK.  And lo! There is more of Baltimore to behold via the ears: the Get ‘Em Mamis, Lexi Mountain Boys, Dustin Wong, Teeth Mountain, Arbouretum, Lungfish, Videohippos, Weekends, Run DMT, Bethany Dinsick, Celebration, Oxes, ETC.  Get in on it!!

Whew. What a night. What a night we spent together.


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